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Philanthropy continues to grow in the USA. Each organization's expertise to secure some of these dollars and to polish skills to manage its operation wisely must also grow. Staff and volunteers at all levels should prepare to become more effective leaders and stewards of the mission.

"Working with Barbara Rose has been a valuable learning experience for us. She not only has the knowledge to help us grow and improve but she has taken the time to really understand who we are and where we want to go."

Mark Ballam
Center for International Business and Research

As the cost of services increases and the competition for philanthropic dollars becomes fiercer, it is important to be building a stronger force to secure funds, to enhance staff expertise and to involve dedicated volunteers. This team is the combination for success. Providing them with the tools and tips of how to reach their vision is a gift as valuable as the increased funding that can result from everyone working in harmony.

Barbara B. Rose, president of New Generation Partnerships, Inc, has been a professional fundraiser and development officer for more than 20 years. In addition, she has been an active community volunteer so she understands the challenges of both parts of the team. As co-author of Dollars for Dreams: Student Affairs Staff as Fundraisers, conference presenter and workshop leader on a wide range of related topics, she has shared experiences and expertise with people who are ready to take the bold step to expand and enhance what is already in place.

Ms. Rose has developed workshops customized for specific organizations.
Suggested topics for a one-day seminar are:

Recruiting Outstanding Volunteers
Hiring and Training the Right Staff
Planning Strategically
Making the Case for Your Mission
Reaching Out Effectively into the Community
Understanding the Types of Fundraising
Building Bridges with Your Constituencies
Locating Markets and Partners
Working with Corporations and Foundations
Making Friends for Funds

A workshop agenda is designed to create the most desirable and productive environment for staff and volunteers to give of their time and effort. Consulting beyond the workshop is available to assist the board, other volunteers and staff team to enhance what is now in place.

Some organizations with whom Barbara Rose has worked:

Community Development Corporation
Center for International Business and Education Research
The Possible Woman Foundation
California Human Development Corporation
Association for Fund Raising Officers, Inc.

"I learned a great deal about developing relationships between people, then building and capitalizing on those relationships."

Brian Fair
Physicians for Peace
quoted from Insidebiz Hampton Roads, Virginia

Please, contact: Ms. Rose at New Generation Partnerships, Inc.
to discuss how we can be of assistance to you to expand and enhance your plans and mission.


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