Let us make your CHALLENGES our business!

A Development Assessment:

Should you hire another Director of Development, fund a Director of Research or finance more travel to cultivate prospects? Before allocating your available funds, be sure you discuss with us the evaluation and analysis of your current resources and future goals.

A Feasibility Study:

How much do you know about the potential of donors and fund raising for your organization or institution? Know as much as possible before you begin a major campaign by talking to us about advantages of conducting a feasibility study.

A Capital Campaign:

Is your institution planning a capital campaign? Establish a partnership with our associates to add our experience and expertise to enhance your staff as we plan and execute together a strategic and successful campaign that will enable you to grow and prepare for the future.

Special Events:

Are you planning a special event for your organization? We have years of conference experience, securing sponsors and identifying intriguing speakers and can efficiently guide you through creating a memorable event.

Planning a Community-Based Project:

Is the need for more low cost housing or a neighborhood center? Before embarking on a project of this importance, talk to us about private and public funding sources, special events to raise funds and awareness for your plans focusing on sustainable design.

A Marketing Web Site or Brochure:

Is it time to develope or upgrade your web site or design a fresh brochure? Express yourself and the uniqueness of your organization through color, photos, animation and simplicity. Meet our team to discuss the image you wish to present to the global community.

Success Through Research and Marketing:

What services are needed to give you the comprehensive consultation for your next success? Our experiences in marketing and audience research can assist you in startup, turnaround or expansion.

These are examples of services that are available to you at New Generation Partnerships, Inc.



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