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Current and future programs and projects can be funded by these and other donor gifts. To be ready to bring in more external financial resources, it is the time to plan and establish a friend raising and fundraising effort dedicated to improving the lives of your clients.

In addition,as the cost of services increases and the competition for philanthropic dollars becomes fiercer, roles of board members will become more critical. Those roles - taking the responsibility to recruit the right people for the board, helping hire the best staff leaders, establishing policies for future growth and assisting with securing external financial resources - are the key to success for your not-for-profit organization.

"At a recent board retreat, Barbara successfully kept the focus, energy and ideas flowing for the entire day. She is the ultimate fund raiser, a skilled communicator and accomplishes it all with a sophisticated sense of style. We'd love to bring her back again and again!"

Sharon Moore
The Young Singers of Callanwolde

Barbara B. Rose, president of New Generation Partnerships, Inc, has been a professional fund raiser and development officer for more than 20 years. In addition, she has been an active community volunteer so she understands the challenges on both sides of the boardroom table. As co-author of Dollars for Dreams: Student Affairs Staff as Fundraisers and conference presenter on a wide range of related topics, she has shared experiences and expertise with people who are ready to take the bold step to strengthen boards, identify prospects, interest them in the mission and secure support beyond traditional sources.

Ms. Rose has developed workshops customized for specific organizations.
Suggested topics fora one-day seminar are:
Planning Strategically
Making the Case for Your Mission
Strengthening Your Board
Building Bridges with Your Constituencies
Appreciating the Types of Fundraising
Locating Markets and Partners
Working with Corporations and Foundations
Making Friends for Funds
Supporting Staff for Successful Fundraising

A workshop agenda is designed to support boards to increase their effectiveness without having to spend more time. Consulting beyond the workshop is available to assist the board and staff team to enhance what is now in place.

Boards with whom Barbara Rose has worked:
The Wellness Center
Leadership America
The Young Singers of Callanwolde
Keystone Junior College
Scottish Rite Children's Hospital
Osteoporosis Foundation

"Ms. Rose was successful with identifying strategy for intentional and effective fundraising, increasing communications between board and staff and extremely helpful with identifying ways to maximize our use of resources."

Carolyn Helmer
The Wellness Community

Please, contact: Ms. Rose at New Generation Partnerships, Inc.
to discuss how we can be of assistance to you to expand and enhance your plans and mission.


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